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Home in our Hearts!

Online Weekly Group

Deep Recognition Happens through our Hearts….


I am honoured to be the facilitator of an online group for those who are in the process of awakening to themselves on a Soul level and would love the support of others on their own journey into Self... into Soul. 

The time for this group is 7.30pm Tuesday evenings NZ time

1-1.5 hour duration (approx).

(When there is enough showing interest in a daytime group, I will open to this also.

I am in the process of collecting names right now.)

There are many that have waited for a group such as this!

If your heart is feeling the pull to join please connect with me on

my email , through my website or FB messenger.

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In this time of great upheaval throughout the world, often we can feel so alone on our journey. We may feel lost and confused with all the stories we read and hear, we wonder what it is all about, and what our part in it all may be. This group gathers to grow in their awareness of why this is happening and what exactly is happening within them personally as they bear witness to a world that appears to be ‘crumbling’ around them.

Through the divine guidance and deepening awareness of each one, the group gathers in a collective energy to support each other and themselves in the expanding knowing of who they are and what life is all about, on ever deepening levels. 


Real beauty is shared / felt and known within a group such as this... as hearts connect and honour each other’s truth. Friendships form, laughter and tears are shared, deep loving bonds are felt, recognition on a higher level happens as each ‘Beautiful One’ present is held within the sacred space created by the group energy.


This is a weekly group. It runs for one hour, (sometimes longer depending on the energy of the group on the day.) There is a topic to explore that is given out a few days before and each of those present holds the etheric talking stick while sharing their view of the topic.


This beautiful space is a deeply safe place where you are invited to bring all of yourself, in the awareness that all of you is honoured for being present. You become aware of parts of yourself that have longed to express, have longed to be seen in your authenticity!

When one commits to a group such as this, the commitment is to the whole journey of growth - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, (not just the time online each week).

The group gathers on Zoom weekly on Tuesdays at 7.30pm (NZ Time).

The financial exchange for this group is $25NZD per week, payable upfront in four weekly amounts. 

(totalling $100NZD per 4-week period)


Payable via direct bank transfer (details are given on request) or via the Paypal button below.




(Please know that a 4% surcharge will be added to Paypal to cover their fees

– Total $104NZD)

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

If you feel the pull to join me for this online group but are unable to for financial reasons, please contact me by email, through my contact page, or private message me on Facebook  for a chat...

Janine creates a nurturing, supportive and encouraging environment for all participants to contribute at a level they are comfortable with.  She honours each individual, helping them to expand their awareness, and learn and grow at their own pace.  

Kind regards,


I felt an urge to join Janine’s group but wasn’t sure if I was right for it. It took a while to bring myself into it, however, now I’m blossoming and there is a powerful connective energy happening in the group and to myself. Janine’s guidance through this has been loving without any judgement which creates a safe place to open myself up to the new energy coming onto this planet. 


Thank you so much for starting this group, I'm so glad I met you.  I knew it was for a reason.  I take a while to learn, as my mind is used to control, but every week there's a word or phrase you say, that sinks in and settles there.  Same goes for what the others say too.  They're a really lovely bunch!

Adelle Wright

The weekly online “Home in our Hearts” group I am part of is truly the highlight of my week. I really look forward to, not only the deep insights from Janine, but the fellow bonds and comradely that has blossomed within the members of the group. 

Janine holds a space for us in such a deeply loving and encouraging way, that it enables the best version of all members in the group to gracefully rise to the surface. 

The teachings and sharing of deep truths Janine brings to the table, perhaps surpass a lot of the information I have learnt on my almost 10 year journey to true self-discovery.  To be able to learn such concise and profound tools in ‘knowing (remembering) the true self’ that cuts out all the ‘fluff’ that is often found in the spiritual community, in such a loving and nurturing way, I see is a true gift for which I am forever deeply grateful to beautiful Janine for. 


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