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Online Weekly Group

Deep Recognition Happens through our Hearts….


My deepening awareness of this life experience brings me to this moment in time where I am being guided to facilitate an online group for those who are in the process of awakening to themselves on a Soul level and would love the support of others on their own journey into Self... into Soul. 

The time for this group will be 7.30pm Tuesday evenings NZ time

1 hour duration (approx).

(If there are enough showing interest in a daytime group, then I will open to this also)

Through our Divine Guidance we come together in a collective energy to support each other and ourselves in the expanding knowing of ourselves and life on ever deepening levels.


Real beauty is shared / felt and known with a group such as this... as hearts connect and honour each other’s truth. Friendships form, laughter and tears are shared, deep loving bonds are felt, recognition on a Soul level happens as each Beautiful One present is held within the sacred space created by the group energy.


This is a weekly group. It will run for one hour approximately depending on the energy of the group on the day. There will be a topic to explore that will be given out a few days before and each of those present will hold the etheric talking stick while sharing their view of the topic. There will be time after each one has spoken for the others to give feedback on how it was for them personally as they listened, or not… if you feel to just be in feeling / observer mode until your turn to share.


This beautiful space will grow into a deeply safe space where you are invited to bring all of yourself, in the awareness that all of you will be honoured for being present. You will become aware of parts of yourself that have longed to express, have longed to be seen in your authenticity!

There are many that have waited for a group such as this!

If your heart is feeling the pull to join please connect with me on

my email , through my website or FB messenger.

The group will gather on Zoom weekly and will begin on

Tuesday 19 May 2020 7.30pm

(NZ Time)  

The financial exchange for this group is $25NZD per week, payable upfront in four weekly amounts. 

(totalling $100NZD per 4-week period)


Payable via direct bank transfer if in NZ or via Paypal if you are offshore.



(Please know that a 4% surcharge will be added to Paypal to cover their fees

– Total $104NZD)


If you feel the pull to join me for this online group but are unable to for financial reasons, please contact me by email, through my contact page, or private message me on Facebook  for a chat...

The Heart Lady


Skype: janine.savient

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