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You deserve every one of your deepest heart’s desires.

Holding a clear, open connection with her Higher Self and the Higher Self of her clients (as well as her beautiful team of benevolent Beings) allows a very sacred space of communication and realisation; which in turn brings about subtle to deep transformation on the energetic, emotional, mental and physical levels of Janine’s clients.  Every consultation is different and so Janine calls each an experimental and experiential time together.

Work With Me...

One on One sessions

in person, online, or via email. ​​

$55 one email question   

$80 two email questions   

$145 One-on-One Consultation   

If your heart is fed by my offerings, (messages, blogs, videos and podcasts) and it feels right for you to give an exchange, my own heart is open to receiving this with deepest gratitude

Make a donation

PLEASE NOTE: Janine is not a medium!

If you are coming along in the hope of conversation from departed family members you might want to go to someone else.

Payment can be made by direct credit if this is preferable (I will send me bank details upon receipt of your booking).

Book A Consultation...

Thanks for booking!

Janine is also available for speaking engagements, facilitating groups, workshops, and events (online or in person).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask questions?

Yes, absolutely! You are encouraged to bring along your questions, this is your time and you are the master of it!

What can I expect?

A safe and sacred space is created where you will gain awareness's, realisations and forgotten truths. Questions are answered, deep connections are made, inner journeys taken, self-discoveries happen. Present within the space between us is a flow of deeply transforming / healing / loving energy. Sacred Sound and toning is at times brought forth and in person physical touch may be given.

Do I need to prepare?

Come with an open mind and heart and a readiness for change.

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Autumn sunshine through trees
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It is not at all surprising to find people in this world who have a presence, hold understanding and have knowledge, not just of themselves but of life all around.

Such people hear, see and experience on all levels.  Janine Savient has this ability.

Janine also has the ability, in knowing, to act on this knowledge in a way that is without egotistical thoughts, thus being of benefit to the whole of humanity.

This deeper understanding, through the power of unconditional Love, through Heart Energy, is so needed in our world today.

Janine holds and receives this Heart Love, gives Heart Love to all that pass her way.

We can be very thankful to have such a soul within our midst.  We are grateful to deeds of Love.  With Love and Thanks.

Peter – Nelson

I first met, and connected, with Janine Savient on Facebook.  Her posts just leapt out at me, bowled me over, and all my bells and whistles went off at once.  My immediate thought was - this beautiful lady knows what it's all about!!!

Since then I have met with Janine for personal sessions, and attended events that she has facilitated, and, let me tell you, she certainly does know what it's all about!!

My life is now full of Joy, Truth and Love in a way that it has never been before.  In a nutshell, she helped me to put the scattered pieces of my puzzle back together again, and it has enabled me to move forward in the knowing of who I really am.  It truly is a return to Love!!

Janine comes from a pure and loving heart, her knowledge and understanding is deep and true, and when you are with her, magic happens.  Spend some time with her, you'll be sprinkled with Stardust, and your life will never be the same again!!

With Love and Gratitude.

Cherrille - Mangawhai NZ

Janine Savient has come to this planet at this auspicious time to assist those attracted to her brightness to re-discover their own brightness as divine infinite beings. For millennia we have been sleep walking allowing Ego complete mastery over us. Erroneously leading us to believe we are victims to life rather than victors of life...for WE are life itself.

Come and share time with Janine and allow her energy to sweep over you. Just by being in her presence you will begin to heal the blockages that prevent you from showing up in the world as your true divine Self.
As you peel back the layers, the core of your being will be exposed as its True Self - LOVE. For that is the Truth of who YOU ARE! Janine will be that reflection to you; therefore everything you see and feel in her is just the acknowledgment of YOU.

Scott Snider – California

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