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31 March 2020 – This Potent Point in Earth’s History!

Misty sea scape with rocks
Misty sea scape

Here we all are, in a time like no other time that any of us have ever known before!

The world has literally stopped as many countries have gone into ‘lockdown’ and the population in these countries is in ‘Self Isolation’!

Over the next year there will be much said about this time, the reasons why this is happening, and many layers and levels will be known in regard to what is going on behind the scenes, as we sit in enforced isolation!

Bringing our focus from the global perspective, (as that will reveal itself to us all in a short time) ... and back to the personal perspective and we find a huge assortment of choices sitting within us all! What do we do with this enforced time and space?

So many of us have wished for time out! There have been times we have cried out for time off from the treadmill of life to take a breather! There have been times we have said we need to take some space, slow down… find our self again! And now it is as if life heard us and has given us this gift of time and space! However, now that we have the gift ... how are we all doing with it?

I sit in the position of ‘Observer’ in this life and I view myself and humanity, this is something that I have always loved to do! I am a watcher, but from a place of no judgement! A curiousity and a love for my fellow brothers and sisters in this life experience gives me the rare ability to observe, feel, listen and connect deeply into life from a completely impartial viewpoint.

From this place I have been witnessing the broad spectrum of all that is happening ‘out there’ in the world at large, in my own country NZ, and most especially, within people in my life and around me in the area I am currently in. I see some in chaos, blindly consumed by their fears.

I see those still unawake to the deep truth of their life, however, enjoying the rest and the space, a time of distraction from the routine of everyday work. I see those that are confused by what appears to be going on and what the media are telling them, yet their deeper knowing that something else is afoot sits within them as well, and their confusion is causing a growing fear within them, and I see those that are right on the leading edge of the ‘play’ currently happening and excited by finally being right here, right now.. and all this is bringing to their changing world!

All is valid! Every feeling, every emotion, every moment of life’s journey is perfect and necessary for each individual person as they move through their life! This is where the learning is done, however, one must be consciously aware of why something is happening to be able to take that learning from the experience.

Those that are still asleep in their conscious awareness of themselves create their life by default in a way. Sometimes life works out in their favour, sometimes it certainly does not, but this is accepted as ‘lucky or unlucky’ by them!

When there is a world event such as this Pandemic and so many countries close their boarders, lockdown all except essential services and place the inhabitants into isolation, a myriad of emotions / feelings / thoughts may present themselves! This is an unknown area … something completely new … and thus has become a trigger for deeply held aspects to rise within people and play out!

Some rebel and refuse to abide by the rules! Some accept completely, what they are told and do exactly as the rules of the day govern to the letter! Some see the deeper gift within such a time and feel the gratitude in this, (for these ones, they know that there is a deeper underlying reason for this huge time!)

People become triggers for each other as so much deep-seated emotion rises to the surface! Some of those in the heaviness of fear resent the ones that appear to be taking it lightly. Times like this are designed for deeply held ‘stuff’ to be known, accepted and resolved within each person.

Many live in the hope that life will be back to normal soon and live for that day … however, life will never be ‘normal’ again! It cannot go back to the way it was when within such a time, so much has changed!

We, as a population, have wanted change for a very long time! We move within the routines of our daily lives doing the same old, same old, feeling secure within this known daily routine and yet at the same time we dearly wish for something else, something more, something different!

Right now, we are in a ‘Global Event’- the greatest change of them all! Not like past wars where focus could only be on survival, but an event that gives many, time and space for reflection and introspection!

~ Janine


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