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2024 - Year of Transition & Realisation

Online – 5 Week Course – Tuesday Evenings 7pmNZT (4pm Queensland) – Starting Tuesday 16th January, finishing Tuesday 20th February.

As you step into 2024 how are you feeling about the year ahead of you?

This 5-week course begins in the first month of the new year in support of the growing clarity and deeper awareness that is rising in you now.

How can you stay centred in your growing truth, while witnessing the world around you appearing to fall apart?

What can you do to support yourself as all past versions of you release, all barriers dissolve, and you realise the power of the beliefs and ideas you hold about yourself and life? Who are you without these ideas and beliefs?

2024 promises to be the year of rapid internal growth.  This will see you coming into alignment mind/body/heart (Soul) in a way that you have not done for thousands of years. However, understanding how you can best serve yourself is paramount to how smoothly this will be for you.

Being clear on what is being invited of you, what is showing itself to you, and deepening your communication with your Inner Knowing/Higher Self, is a big part of this New World/New Human you are becoming.

It is good to have a supporting group of fellow Inner Travellers with you on the journey.

Week 1:            The Mind – Your Heart

Week 2:            Communication

Week 3:            Love

Week 4:            Silence

Week 5:            Overview


A lot of information will be covered each week, beneath the above titles.



The financial exchange is $150NZD for the full 5 weeks, (compassionate sliding scale exchange offered on an individual basis, please contact me privately).


To confirm your place within this ONLINE group contact me as soon as possible. (Non-redundable deposit is required to hold your place).


I can be contacted on FB Messenger or email:, or through my contact page on my website:


This course has been instigated in collaboration with my Team and my Higher Self.

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