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Clearing the Way for Lightness

We have lived our lives carrying such heavy burdens and it is only now, that we are becoming aware of the heaviness we hold and what that weight is all about.

Every time we have been caught up in a heavy time in our lives if we do not recognise what the experience is all about for ourselves, if we do not own our responses, if we do not take a step back eventually, so that we might understand it from our own viewpoint, we leave it unfinished.

Energetically this means, we leave a part of ourselves in that moment, that experience, it is like a frayed end, flaying in the breeze (energetically speaking) and we carry that incomplete energy, that frayed end until we realise and do something about it, if ever we do.

This is why we feel like we often revisit old hurts and wounds in ourselves, and why life seems to show up with similar experiences for us repeatedly, or we have cycles of ups and downs for no apparent reason. Until we recognise that part of ourselves that is still caught up in the trauma, we view our life through a heavy pain lens (often unconsciously) and recreate the trauma in varied ways.

Imagine how many heavy lenses we may be viewing life through, whilst never realising the energetic level of what we are carrying. Through all those aspects of us being caught up in past emotional episodes, that were never fully healed, and the energy never completed, we create our future life experiences.

And it is completely understandable that many of those experiences were not owned by us, for we were never taught, never shown, that there was only ever our part that needed our acceptance, and only our own feelings asking for our loving attention, so that any wounding that the experience may have caused, would have the opportunity to be healed within us, by us.

This does not mean that any other involved in such an experience does not have a part to play as well, for of course, they do, however, it is what we do to ourselves, how we ignore ourselves, and often how unforgiving we are of ourselves, that creates the deepest wounding.

We may carry the trauma of the experience for a whole lifetime, changing the course of our life completely to what it may have been if the trauma had never occurred in our lives.

Some of the most incredibly strong, open-hearted, deeply wise people in our world are ones that have suffered deep trauma, emotional or physical abuse, and through their experiences, risen through the heaviness to become so deeply Self-aware, Self-empowered, that they model for us all, how owning our own part, through absolute honestly with our feelings, can bring healing and deep growth to us as a human being.

While we lay blame at another’s feet, we are projecting our own wounding outside of ourselves, and I am not suggesting here that those involved do not deserve our anger, however, holding our focus on them for too long a period, often sees us forgetting or distracting from the healing that is raw within ourselves.

The journey now sees us drawing back into ourselves, all those parts that remain within the time/space locations where traumas happened and we never completed the process of being with and owning our feelings and realising our part, those loose ends are still alive and energetically charged, thus creating an influence in our lives.

When the ‘penny drops’, in that moment of realisation, the energy is complete, and we have accepted the new awareness from it. We feel the difference within ourselves, the emotional charge has gone out of the actual trauma itself, and we now have the ability to be the observer and take the greater learning in. We are ready to move on with our lives in some very new and often vastly different way from who we were before the experience.


From the broader, deeper perspective, we are ‘High-Frequency Beings’, here to tangibly experience ourselves through every moment we are presented with, in this reality.

All the highs and the lows, every experience we go through brings us the opportunity for Self-Observation, Self-Awareness, and Self-Acceptance. Our choice is that we may carry such heavy experiences with us, weighing us down into deeper self-loathing, self-disappointment, and self-doubt, or we may step back and objectively view the experience from the broader perspective, (not so easy to do from inside the emotional turmoil, so allowing the journey through until readiness comes). From this wider or higher view, we eventually come to see ourselves and others here for the same reason, to grow through Self-Realisation through all life experiences. (And how they may have acted, or how we may have reacted affords the opportunity to learn, to grow, to deepen into ourselves, thus expanding outwards into the field of all that is).

Every experience adds more to our vibrational field, this is in truth, the universe experiencing itself tangibly as everything it already knows itself to be. It is an eternally expanding, ever-deepening field of all choices made, all possibilities experienced, or potentials realised, and we are the sparks of consciousness at the coal face of creation itself.

(I do not make light here of any traumatic experience had by anyone who may read this message. I will say however, that if you have a deep reaction to my message, then I invite you to breathe into that reaction, be absolutely honest with your feelings, take your focus deeper through the feeling and allow yourself to open into perhaps a new realisation of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ … and the energy you have carried for a long time. Accept, soften, breathe, forgive, and release that energetic frayed end into your growing/expanding heart of Love. Feel the lightness and spaciousness that happens within yourself by doing so).


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