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The Highest Authority of ALL

February 2024 - Message … From Higher Communication:


There will come a time for you if this awareness has not already arrived, when you will have had enough of listening to outside authority. You will feel deep mistrust rise in you and your inner authority and discernment meter will be activated as you realize how your true and natural power has been stripped away by this outside authority that creates ever-increasing restraining and restricting rules and regulations for you.

The time is now for you to stand and demand ‘Enough’ loudly to this world you are currently in. Many, we realize have already reached this point, and there are many still to do this.

What is it that is happening to you that is bringing this wave of change through you now?

Your inner authority, your own deep personal truth … is rising in you now, every day it grows deeper, every day it feels its voice more powerfully present … and the ‘you’ that has been under the outer authority for so long (lifetimes in fact) wonders why you did not realize before now, wonders how you did not see what was happening, did not feel the ever-tightening control. Because dear one, you were in a deep sleep to your truth then… and now you are not, it is that simple. How this came about, and why it has lasted as long as it has is another message for another time, suffice to say, the control tightens under the guise of being for your good, and/or the good of the planet often also… when nothing could be further from the truth, as an agenda has been in play for a very long time.

Our message this day is clear and simple and is directed straight into your inner knowing, supporting you to rise in your truth, to speak it out in every possible moment and within every opportunity now. Every time you do, you are influencing the vibrational field, planting seeds as it were in others, touching into that truth within them, and naturally, you are affecting the entire human population on an energetic level.

And, we say again, EVERY TIME you do speak your truth, by saying no to what does not feel right, by saying yes and holding steadily to what does … then nature takes care of the details and steps in with you to support you in your truth.

Yes, nature … beautiful one, you are a child of nature, and nature, like you, is coming back fully online now. It is the true and powerful life force on your planet. From being in a false synthetic world, nature will no longer bow down to any part of any attempts now that go against the natural laws, universal laws that hold the truth of itself and you within it.

You are both on the same side … and a very deep and powerful side this is to be on, you call it the Natural World rising … and we would agree, however, we observe all that is happening in your reality as the alignment between your ‘true nature and natures truth’ as you come fully online as one, once again, and as it was, long ago.

So dear one, this begins with you finding your courage to NOT step into line with outside authority, but always to step into alignment instead, with your own inner authority. FEEL into the moment you stand in when told how you must be to have your society's approval and to be recognized as a good citizen by those who create your rules and regulations, for in truth, they do not have your highest welfare in any part of their focus with these ever-increasing conditions that are applied to every part of your life.

It will not be too long before the changes sweeping through your reality have cleansed and cleared the way for you to take back fully your self-governance, yet there is a tightening to be felt and known before this shows up clearly for you.  It is within this period that we say to you, follow your inner guidance, find your courage, allow your voice, be true to yourself, feel the deepening love that is your essence, open into your growing Presence in your own life … and always, speak your truth.

Your reality needs your supporting Light now, and you need to realize your beautiful Light, which will be felt each time you honour yourself and your heart of Love by being true to yourself. You honour all of humanity and your planet by acting always in a way that truly feels right in each moment you are in.

And the effect of this cannot be stated loudly enough dear ones. YOU are counting on YOU to now come online fully as your Authentic Self. Releasing the ego personality that is the programme running in you, observing your thinking mind and where that takes you in yourself, for these pieces are not naturally part of the Beautiful and Powerful Being that you are, they were introduced into you a very long time ago.

A rather sober message from us this time, however, the point is now reached where it is every awakening human’s responsibility to hold the space for the restoration of their Natural and Truest World… ‘all hands on deck’, so to speak.

Speak up, step forward, stand up, be counted, be heard… do not allow fear to hold you back, there is in truth, nothing to fear, but the belief of fear itself. When you stand in your power, energetically change happens, through your great influence. 


You are so loved.

Love flows from the One Heart of All … ALWAYS!


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