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Love and Fear

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Love and Fear - two incredible teachers, two very different ways of living.

One cannot live within the other, they are opposing influences, however, both hold powerful opportunities for the growth found within the experiencing of oneself.

We know now that they are a choice! We didn’t know this in the past and accepted as our lot, our life, the team we found ourselves on!

Each asks a lot of us, one asks for our commitment, one does not! They oppose each other on different ends of the spectrum of all possible choices!

With love we are encouraged to turn inward to ourselves, to put our needs and desires first and foremost, then once this loving flow is organically moving, turning this outward is a natural desire in giving this love to others and to life itself in all possible ways.

Fear encourages us to turn from ourselves, focussing outward instead. Fear’s power is found in its distracting tendencies, in its ability to pull our focus away from our feelings, our deep natural senses and stimulating instead, the senses that thrive on being fed by external stimuli.

Love lifts us higher, opens us to the light within, to the joy and abundance of all life has for us that supports the truth of who we are. We are supported by our own deep trust and our power to know what’s right for ourselves. We are encouraged into quiet connection with stillness and silence to bring us our answers to life’s deepest questions.

Love calls us out into nature, to the natural world of higher vibration and deep connection. Love knows where it is in this world that we will thrive. Fear knows how to get into our minds and keep us small and struggling.

Fear takes us down, closes us to our deepest truth, however, through pain and suffering we may grow, sometimes deeper, sometimes higher. We know doubt, we know darkness, we live with untruths, judgements, criticism, and condemnation. We give our trust to others outside of ourselves and if our trust is misplaced, we then believe we deserved the consequences.

Fear holds us in an unnatural world of concrete and plastics, and man-made everything. There is no room for deepest connection in a tiny backyard surrounded by noise, nor living to a clock and in the gaze of expectation from all directions. Natural is replaced by unnatural and health and wellbeing have little focus.

Fear taints us and draws us in with its heaviness, yet we are always learning, even in our blindness to living so far away from our deepest truth… we are always learning! From the light to the heavy experiences, we learn who we are, if we are open to this awareness.

Fear teaches us by the images it places in our minds. It tells us what we are by fuelling our thoughts. It is always waiting to sneak through the doorway of our vulnerabilities to enlarge whatever is pulling us down.

Fear is like the snake in the grass… often it is not seen for what it is until it strikes and then it is often too late, as the memory is set, and the images rise, and the inner dialogue is running.

And all the time love waits.

Love waits for us to surface from fears strong influence.

Love knows we always have our part to play, through personal choices and within the creation of all our experiences ... and so, love is patient and waits for our readiness to want to rise.

Through our tiredness of being in life’s shadows, our exhaustion from the inner battle. Through becoming aware of fears stories, created within our mind, in comparison to a moment here and there where light is felt and remembered, and our heart gently whispers...

We will always find Love patiently waiting.

Lifetimes of being fear’s student … and now the journey with fear is completed. Lifetimes of struggle, lifetimes of tiredness to survive … rising to the surface now as memories lift away.

Dissolving into the light, history fades… ancestors, all generations, families, folded into a point and evaporate into the light. Clearing away, releasing the past, letting go of the old… all patterns, all thoughts, and images … all the experiences that were created through fear …. going now, dimming down into dust, angel dust, becoming golden particles of light and rising into the heart of love. Transmuting, transforming, transitioning… leaving, never to return in any shape nor form.

There is a rawness in this moment as all we have known ourselves to be is dissolved away from us. We see ourselves disappearing from our own sight…and we are allowed to feel vulnerable, even sad as we detach from every aspect that supported our journey in fear.

And love waits…

Waits for our readiness, our willingness to be open to it, our willingness to allow vulnerability and to realise that fear lied to us (of course), vulnerability is not a sign of weakness … it has always been a sign of strength. (In these moments we are reaching into deep areas of trauma and pain, sorrow, and grief … lifting these pieces up and embracing them in our loving truth… this is us emerging!)

Love waits quietly for us to invite it back as our teacher, as our guide to show us ourselves and to shine its light onto the growing landscape of the new world.

And when that moment happens, that we are ready to commit to love, (for yes, love WILL ask for our commitment) … then the greatest change comes to us. We feel this change within our bodies, our minds, and our deepening hearts. We hear this change in our words and our thoughts and our praise to life.

And we know and recognise this change as it transforms us into our purest Source Connection. This is the journey now for those choosing to awaken from fear's grip and embrace their higher calling... Love's song is heard within our awakening heart and it is beautiful!

Through Love, we feel our trust growing solid and strong. We hear our truth coming clear and sure. We know our place within the universal scheme of all that is. We remember who we are and why we came here!

This is our choice now and is showing up in every facet of our lives, supporting us to make the choice that is here for us. Fear or Love? One asks for commitment and our readiness … one does not, as this one does not have our highest intention as its goal. Fear has only its own interest as its agenda! And yet, it offers us deep growth within its journey, if we can view the truth through past pain, hardship, and struggle… the opportunity to find answers is always given.

In every moment of decision now we will feel both fear and love within us. Fear will push for our attention, using memories and mind stories to conjure up emotions within us, all designed to move us into choosing from that part of us.

Love waits quietly, its presence is always felt, it has no need to vie for our attention, it knows we can feel it and when we are ready … we will make our choice from where love resides within us… if we do not, then love knows there is always another opportunity the next time.

Commitment and readiness … are our keys to step into loves deep guidance.

The commitment is to being love in every moment … growing into this step by step, awareness by awareness... moment by moment. The readiness to face our fears, to recognise them and see them for what they are, and to realise that fear is never the ugly beast we believe it to be! That is an image placed within our minds.

Fear is a teacher, an experience, a choice and part of the old dissolving world!

Love is a choice, our deepest truth and the way forward into the new emerging world!

So, remember my words and your own inner knowing the next time choice stands in front of you. Will fear have its way and you make your choice there … or will your decision come from your growing love, rising courage, deepening knowing, clarity and truth, … that you are so much more than fear has ever told you, you were.



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