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New Pieces to Ponder….(Part One)


It is through belief that we keep ourselves in separation.

The belief is, we have a higher self, (Soul)… on another level to the ‘I’ that is here in the body!

The belief is, that we have unconscious, subconscious, and conscious levels to our minds!

The belief is, that our mind is the most powerful part of who we are and until recently, our heart hasn’t featured in this powerfulness!

The belief is, that we are all separate Beings, that there is a ‘you’ and a ‘me’ and we are individual.

The belief is, that we live in this life, when in fact, we are part OF this life.

The belief is, that there is a Creator Being known as God, who is somewhere out there.

The belief is, that we live lives successively, one after the other … do we really? Or are we living them all at once, NOW … present time experience!

Our whole life has been built on separation, why?

Because belief has kept us separated from the truth of ourselves and that belief has been instilled and reinforced in us … this entire lifetime.

As we move through this rapid process of awakening back into ourselves, awakening our memory, the dots are joining up, where there once was separation between those dots, now one by one, those dots are reconnecting, becoming ONE DOT! (A light-hearted and symbolic explanation).

Piece by piece the veil of illusion that has held us captive in beliefs that do not show us a reality of Oneness in any way is dissolving, and as this happens our deep internal knowing is beginning to flow into our awareness once again.

We realise that being kept separated was in huge measure, to keep us small, feeling alone, and singled out at times in our vulnerabilities. It's beginning to rise within us now, the memory, that we are not separate from anything in this world, or any other dimension and realm.

Whatever we view, whatever we are a part of whatever we experience, we have created for ourselves, as we ARE the creator of our reality.

Does this then make us God? Yes, it does, for those that still believe in God anyway. That awesome creative power is who we are, is within us, but by believing that we are separate from God, that God is higher, mightier, omnipresent ... that God is so much that we are not, we stay in the smallness created by that belief.

WE ARE THAT CREATIVE ENERGY (known as God). We are all God-embodied! We are Source Energy! We are powerful creator beings experiencing ourselves here in this reality for this moment.

WE even created the program of separation as an experience of duality, polarity, cause and effect, and every other experience that comes from the idea that we are separate. From separation also comes the experience of feeling unloved and all the other Self Worth issues that arise.

We are not in this life experience … we ARE this life experience. Connected in every way, this life is an extension, a reflection, and a projection of US! The moment we leave this body and this reality… it ceases to exist! For, without our creating it, or our reflection of it, or our thoughts projected out into it, or our feelings vibrating through it …. How can it be?

There is no higher self, no soul self … there is the I that is here now in this body. This I holds all the power of the ONE that the I is. During our time here of separation, we have not realised this and have created our world through the belief that there is a part of us here, a part of us there… and many more parts in other worlds and dimensions. WE ARE OMNIPRESENT! There are no other parts anywhere else…. It is all I! And I am experiencing the I that I Am, through many different worlds and realities in this Now Moment.

Again, belief has held us veiled and believing we are many separate parts.

Our minds are not separated into the unconscious, subconscious and conscious … we ARE conscious beings, however, through the incredible distraction that abounds in this life experience, set up by ourselves for all the experiences we may create, some parts of our consciousness have been a little sluggish, some parts become hugely distracted … in our struggle to be present in the moment! Also, because of our minds' ability to distract from the moment we are in, we miss parts of that moment, parts of conversations, and actions, parts of our own thought processes, and the feelings that rise within us. None of which is us having these three separate parts to our consciousness …. We are fully conscious beings in all moments, whether we are present or not! We simply do not retain the conscious memory of all a moment contains if we are distracted and not present at that time.

Now that we are finished with the experience of separation and all that has given us, we are returning through any memories held within our cellular structure, releasing these as we do, facing those parts that affected us deeply and we could not, or would not look at, at the time! Plus, we are letting go of all the ideas and beliefs we created within our minds over this time of separation, for none of that is needed to be held in us now. We are moving back into our heart-centredness, coming online again with our feelings, aligning ourselves once again - mind, body, heart … there is no separation within us, in any way, shape or form. All come together and work together for the good of the I.

When we look out there and see something beautiful, we get a corresponding feeling of that beauty within us. Often, however, we stay out there with the beauty, in awe at what we are seeing, amazed that such beauty exists, while not even noticing the beauty that has risen within ourselves, showing us clearly who we are through the reflection that we are seeing manifested, out in the world. This is us being in separation from our world, and this is us in our mind, in separation to our heart… in our thoughts, in separation from our feelings.

The experience of separation has been on every level of our being, and now, with our world appearing to be tipped upside down and inside out, we are letting everything from that way of being, that way of knowing ourselves, go … and we are coming back into our natural way of being, some call it our truth!

It is all our truth, every experience we have is created from our truth, even what we know as, the untruth is just another experience we have created for ourselves.

Coming home now … is us coming back into Oneness of I.

Taking up the responsibility for our life, our creations, and manifestations, all our experiences, and all those ideas and beliefs that gave us such an interesting, and at times very colourful way of living.

The idea of and the belief in separation is finished. Now it is simply us letting that all go and returning to the Oneness. This is one of the main reasons we are returning through all our cellular memories and dissolving them at this time. There will be no place for separation in the world we are moving into.

In that experience, we will be experiencing ourselves as the I. How would life look, feel, and be… when we know ourselves as everything, when we know we are responsible for every moment and every experience of our lives! How will we feel in the knowing that we are God embodied and living life our way, through our choices?


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