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Pieces to Ponder (Part 2) - Time

I am a ‘timeless being’ who is, right now, experiencing myself within a realm of linear time.

My frequency affects time here in this realm, because of my eternal timelessness that is centre stage within this experience of constructed time.

If I am bored, time appears to ‘drag’ (slow down), and, when I am excited, time appears to rapidly fly by (speeds up). The ‘appearance’ of time being altered by me is in fact real, this is my influence here.

So, I am understanding how I affect time in this reality … and because my frequency, overall, is rising now, I am altering time here more deeply and obviously, than ever before! Time is becoming more fluid, and the bridge between my ‘timelessness’ and ‘linear time’ is becoming more deeply and clearly connected in my conscious awareness, where the influence of who I am as a timeless being is bringing into being … a timelessness within this reality.

This is just one part of this transitional change, happening here, and, I am noticing this change very much, as time goes by so quickly for me now, and yet, when I consciously step into present moment experience, time slows done even slower than it used to for me, even appearing to stop briefly, at times.

It is important now to come into present moment experience… making the commitment to become more fully present, more consciously aware… being in this NOW moment, for this is where all life is happening! And this is where I may feel the depth and clarity of myself.

This moment, in truth, is the only moment that matters!

It is in the present moment that I may change the subtle energies of my past, and in so doing, release myself from any heaviness from those memories. Whilst being in those memories AS the past - replaying and experiencing them, I hold them to me in that form, with their attached heaviness.

It is also in the present moment that I get to create my future! As creation itself, in this Now moment experience, I imagine the best future potential! I feel the joy, lightness, and rush of excitement it brings me … this is the rocket fuel for influencing that potential into a reality right now!

My Soul power, my creative harmonic … magnetises into manifestation, what is resonant within me in the present moment!

By embracing the present moment, I hold to me the future I want to experience and bring that into manifestation on earth NOW!

How I am feeling as I am in present moment experience is the crucial key element to manifesting my life on earth! If I want joy, I must be joy in present time, the same goes for love! If I want an abundant life, I must feel abundant in present time!

This is me working with the subtle rules of quantum time, rather than just linear time! Being in Presence is me living consciously in my timelessness as a quantum being.

Time here in this reality is changing … (within the change occurring within me). From the perceived straight line (linear) that comes from the past and heads into the future and is counted in hours and moments within each of seven days to make up one week … time is becoming circular, a never-ending spherical flow of present moment experience… with me in the centre of that flow! Within this spiral there are no moments, hours, days or weeks … there is only NOW!

When I open to the possibilities within the circular flow of time, I am in resonance with my greater self, and I am understanding now, that my greater self is the I that is here right now, present time, in this body, in this reality.

‘I’… am not somewhere else, I am HERE … NOW!


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