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The Choice to Feel!

When asked ‘How are you feeling right now’…. Your natural response is to reply, I’m ok or great thanks, not so bad, or I’ve been better! Most answer this way because in reality, they have not considered how they actually are feeling before being asked, and to be put on the spot like that, often see's them revert to the default replies.

The truth is, that most don’t consider themselves and how they are feeling, very often at all, and a big part of this current journey is all about coming back into connection with your feelings, for, as you move forward, you will realise yourself in an ever deeper awareness of yourself as a feeling being and eventually, you will have returned to living your entire life from your feeling centre.

Over many life experiences, you have been deliberately pulled away from your feelings, and led into your mind, where you have come to believe that you are a thinking being. Thinking is part of the programmed level of you and holds you on the surface level of your life. The program is designed to keep you distracted and absent from your true self, moving through doubt and hesitancy, and often feeling challenged and confused with life. It has you living from the foundation of fear in all its forms. Your thought process springs from this programmed platform always!

Once upon a time, you were a deeply sensitive, powerfully positive, fully knowing Being, who knew themselves through the natural flow of pure Love! Nature was your world, a beautiful natural world in every respect. This is where the fable ‘The Garden of Eden’ originated from! This world was known as a Garden of Eden, type planet.

Then your world was hijacked and through hidden and advanced technologies you changed, and this world changed. No longer could you call it your world, as it slowly became a very unnatural world of digital technologies and synthetic substances. There was less and less fit for you as a natural being, even though you yourself had also, to a certain extent, become a mixture of digital and synthetic, alongside the organic. Yes, this may shock you, but over time, every human being, cycling through the birth and rebirth channel here on earth, has become hybrid beings to varying degrees.

However, throughout the entire time, over thousands of years of being in a hijacked world, the flame of the Christed light flickered within you, no matter what was attempted to extinguish that light, it would not, could not die out! So, beyond the deeply programmed being you became, there was always a knowing that you were more than this!

Without realising it, and therefore never verbalising it, or even thinking it, there was a part of you that knew that the time would come when that flame would become more than a flicker and your knowing would begin to rise again, and you would cleanse yourself of every part of the programme that held you captive for so long.

And here you are right now, in this moment, and you are fully in the ‘return’ … in the acknowledging and accepting, realising, and cleansing, the releasing and dissolving … of all that is not born of the truth of you, but has been introduced and is foreign to the purity that flows through you.

Here you are returning to the pure, natural being you used to be, that in truth, beneath an introduced programme and altered physical body, you still are on your deepest level … you are coming back fully online with your beautiful heart centredness, and eventually, you will again find yourself in a natural world, cleansed of all influence of the hijackers.

A world where life flows freely (without unnatural influences), through every living organism and beauty is found in every area. Where eyes meet and spark in their knowing of each other, where recognition and respect of the deep wisdom found in every sentient being, is acknowledged via the transference of heart connection, where joy is a natural way of life and lightness of being is felt from the moment of awakening each morning into the bright new day, and the end of each day brings the feeling of gratitude and contentment, as the energy in which sleep comes.

This new world sees every member of the population as family, and the bonds of love are deeply felt and undeniable! This vision I have shared with you is found in the unfolding of this journey you are on right now, and here you are, changing day by day.

What took thousands of years to change into what you see around you today, will take approximately 20 years to undo and begin the restructuring of, inside and outside, and this is the halfway point we find ourselves at in this moment.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the world around you, it is deliberate and ruthless in its attempts to keep you from going deeper into yourself and discovering what has been hidden from you for so long, for therein lies the greatest threat to this synthetic world.

Your power to Love! And your knowing that you are Love!

So, begin now to live your life through your feelings, and enter each moment by allowing your feelings to express to you what is there for you in that moment. Be present in all conversations through your feelings … bring them with you everywhere you find yourself and give them the opportunity to share with you… they have so much to say, to describe, to show you.

Don’t hide your feelings, nor deny them, they are your higher messages, your inner guidance system, they are your discerner, your BS barometer, your truth gauge, your warning signal and your communication with other realms and realities.

And as you grow into your feelings, and again become the feeling being you are in truth, many other gifts unfold once again too! You are multi-faceted and multi-layered, and right now while still releasing much of the programme from yourself, you only know 5% of the truth of who you are. Feel that statement for a moment … 95% is still to unfold within you and it is becoming more rapid in its unfolding now.

You are awake and, on this journey, because this is your choice to come back online in your authenticity now, without outside influences trying to change you more than you are at this time, or distracting you from your deep truth. There is no stopping this journey now that your choice has been made, and there is no changing your mind… the course is set, the instructions are in, the direction is locked, and you are right on target.

However, the length of the journey and the timing of the journey are up to you now. How willing are you to BE what you are feeling within yourself? To be guided by, or to listen to your feelings? You will be challenged at times, and this is a good thing, as the challenge when overcome, brings a sense of deep accomplishment and personal acknowledgement within yourself and the growth from that is extraordinary. Add to this that each time you bypass your mind and go with what your feelings are saying, and it turns out perfectly, your trust in your feelings grows … this is you trusting in yourself on a new level that is happening here!

This message is about you and your feelings, and how you are beginning to realise now when you default to your thoughts and think your way into each moment. This is about trusting in yourself on a deeper level, trusting that you can do this in what may feel like a new way to you ... to be conscious of your feelings and trust in them and act through what they say to you.

This is about relearning and remembering that it is your body/heart awareness you must listen to and take notice of moving forward, and not your mind. And this is not your quantum mind that is spoken of here, that is entirely a different level of you. This is the small, programmed mind, the part you identify with, as who you believe you are, and to which you now know better than any other part of yourself… and the less you use it, and rely on it… the smaller it will get, until it will cease to be a part of you completely. Again, it is up to you how long this will take to happen, but it will happen, and if not in this lifetime, then in the next, again, it is up to you entirely how long this journey back into your full Beingness takes.

No one else can do this for you, and no one else can give you the kind of support that is with you as you enter into every moment! You must teach yourself to remember to ask inwardly, how am I feeling right now, and to take action from this place.

It is all up to you and it takes time and practice to realign back into your natural way of being when you have been living fully from an unnatural way of being for lifetimes. Many have already achieved this however and they, by their example are leading the way, energetically creating a flow that makes it easier for those coming behind them.

We are one vibrational flow you see, so what affects one, affects all, both negatively and positively, and, as the numbers grow through humanity, those that are again coming online in realising themselves as feeling beings, and are living their lives more and more this way, the vibrational field changes, and the opportunity for others to become aware of this within themselves becomes greater.

In finishing this message today, the gifts and rewards of this journey must be shared here.

You will know a depth of beauty that is unknown to you right now, the mind has no way of recognising deeply, a moment of beauty that is felt so exquisitely that you feel you may burst with the sheer joy of it! And because you are ‘feeling’ it, that beauty, that joy, is being experienced within you as you gaze upon the outside world and what it’s showing you… it is not separate from you … it IS YOU!

You become ultra-sensitive to life and the smallest of pieces touch you so deeply that again … breath-taking beauty is the outcome.

Giving fills you with the deepest joy also, and you have no hesitation in sharing, gifting, giving, and supporting others in such ways as your feelings say to.

You are completely open to receiving as well. Not from any place of need, but simply because you know the pleasure and joy this action gives to others to do so and the joy you feel in that bond and connection.

Here is a taster if you like as to what you will open into as you become the ‘feeling being’ that you are.

It opens you to life on multiple levels, supports you in a big way, dissolving the programme in you, while giving you are greater awareness of your connection to life and the flow of life through you, (not separate to you) and it opens you into your deeper wisdom and knowing of your connection to Source! Feelings guide you inward daily! Thinking does not, thoughts are designed to hold you separate from your true self, they create stories, often bringing chaos to an otherwise simple experience or choice!

Are you ready to commit to building your trust once again in your feelings? Are you able to bring your focus to your body/heart awareness and listen there, instead of to your mind?

Do you feel worthy to be a part of a world that is exquisitely beautiful in all respects? And are you ready to accept that exquisite beauty within yourself also?

This is you coming back online with yourself! Plugged in, switched on, tuned in… and releasing from the programme completely!

How incredible you are in the purity of your truth, beautiful FEELING Being!


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