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Living to Love, Loving to Live

There is so much beauty within you, bursting 

to shine into this world.

With the realisation that you are LOVE seeking itself, you gain entry to the deep sacred sanctuary of your heart space, your centre of creative power, truth and love - you literally begin to shine!

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The Gift

A Collection of Verse

Hi I’m Janine Savient - welcome to this sacred space. If you are feeling the pull to make contact, there will be a reason for this (that you may or may not be consciously aware of).  I am here for you, and with the support of 'Higher Guidance', the answers you seek will be known.

You are a beautiful expression of Universal energy, a spark of the Divine, here in this human body having a physical experience - expanding in the awareness of yourself through the journey of thought, feeling, and emotional connection.

What is happening in this world now? Why does it feel so important to find that deeper truth about yourself?

I see you; I feel you and I am here for you!

Let us connect our hearts and feel the beauty that will emerge!

You are…

So Loved

So Worthy

So Beautiful

A Sacred Being experiencing yourself through your conscious presence within this reality.

A Beautiful Bright Light dimmed down by Fear and awakening now through Love!

In your readiness, your truth rises within you.

Pure Love is found within your own heart – once the reconnection is made, your life fills with Love’s creative power and extraordinary beauty.

You are a heart centred being, deeply connected to nature and all that is natural upon this planet. Having been deliberately lead away from your natural state of being you have become lost to yourself and your deep connection with the earth. Now through your growing sense of self and heightening vibration you are beginning to rediscover your roots, and that within you and the earth flows a vibration of pure gold – the Gold Frequency – the frequency of pure love!  This is your true essence, your true connection, the life stream of who you are as the high vibrating being and nature child - reconnecting again with your mother, the earth.

What's in it for YOU...

  • ​​You will learn to trust in your connection and communication with your Highest Self (Soul).

  • Become aware of the many layers and levels of you as a multidimensional Being.

  • Open to the vastness of reality as being so much more than simply what your hands can touch and your eyes can see.

  • Become aware of the truth of you (that has been withheld from you for aeons of time).

  • Open fully to that inner calling, understanding what it's all about, realising why you came to this life experience.

  • Gain the awareness of the power and essence of love and all it brings, creates and gifts!

  • Open to the understanding of your unique place in the New World now forming


I had a wonderful healing session with my beautiful Soul Sister, Janine Savient today. She created such a wonderful setting to be able to receive her many gifts. Her channeling was clear and concise and very Heart Centered and she brought through powerful Light Language to assist in shifting an old block. Highly recommend her as she embodies her Soul Essence and is one of the beautiful Beings here to create the Shift in Consciousness we are all part of. Feel very blessed that she has followed her Souls direction and relocated from Christchurch to live in Auckland. Thank you Janine.

Greg - Auckland

I knew I would come across something special when I decided to book a session with Janine, and I wasn't wrong. From the very beginning till the end of the session I was embraced in her loving purification field.


I rarely cry, but she made me cry tears of relief in the first 5min. The whole experienced was like going back home, which I had missed my whole life, and talking to Janine is like talking to your guardian angel who knows without saying anything, all about you, and holds you at all times in unconditional love.


I found answers to questions that I was looking for my whole life and just after one hour had all the clarity on why I'm here, what I should focus on and where I needed healing the most. Her presence alone started the healing I needed in order to finally connect with my higher self.


My partner also booked a session with her on the same day and after it was all done, we both asked each with amazement "what just happened?". It was probably one of the most important connections and experiences in my life.


Honestly, there are no words to describe it. Janine has all the integrity in the world, and you just know that she really knows. It is so rare to come across people like her, that till this day I'm immensely grateful that life gave me such an opportunity.

Vitaly - Germany May 2021

From my joyful heart I etch a few words about the celestial Heart Lady Janine.

This is only possible because I have had my heart opened and there is nothing more healing than to have your heart opened.

The Heart Lady's intuitive mentoring played a part in this.

As did her Authenticity, her Respect and Humility as a listener. Her direct line to GOD, her Courage and Trust of life, her Laughter and her Focus.

Or it may have been the fact she pours so much Love into the world that my heart never had a chance to stay closed!

Thank you Precious Shining Heart Lady, Janine. Love and Blessings.

Gerald – Christchurch

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