Living to Love, Loving to Live

There is so much beauty within you, bursting 

to shine into this world.

With the realisation that you are LOVE seeking itself, you gain entry to the deep sacred sanctuary of your heart space, your centre of creative power, truth and love - you literally begin to shine!

Janine offers a 15-minute free consultation where you get the opportunity to meet her and gauge for yourself if a full consultation is right for you.

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Hi I’m Janine Savient - welcome.


I am here for you! If you feel called to make contact, I would be honoured to support you in finding the magnificence, that in truth, is who you are.


I will support you to find your answers to your deepest questions - Who am I? Why am I here? What is life all about?

You are a beautiful expression of Universal energy, a spark of the Divine, here in this human body having a physical experience - expanding in the awareness of yourself through the journey of thought, feeling, and emotional connection.

Are you done with the experiences of doubt and lack?

Together we go on the journey of discovering the Master Creator that you are, and now, from this point you can begin creating a life of prosperity and opulent joy – which is your birthright as a  Sovereign Being!

You are so worthy of having it all!

True Love is found within your own heart - once the connection is made, your life flows with Love’s extraordinary beauty.

This World is changing rapidly, are you ready to embrace these changes? Opening to the realisation of who you are beyond this physical form brings to you the memory of other civilisations, timelines, dimensions, lives and experiences you are having as the Multidimensional Being that you are. Opening to the truth of you brings with it the awareness of your place within this changing world!

What's in it for YOU...

  • ​​You will learn to trust in your connection and communication with your Highest Self (Soul).

  • Become aware of the many layers and levels of you as a multidimensional Being.

  • Open to the vastness of reality as being so much more than simply what your hands can touch and your eyes can see.

  • Become aware of the truth of you (that has been withheld from you for aeons of time).

  • Open fully to that inner calling, understanding what it's all about, realising why you came to this life experience.

  • Gain the awareness of the power and essence of love and all it brings, creates and gifts!

  • Open to the understanding of your unique place in the New World now forming


Greg - Auckland

I had a wonderful healing session with my beautiful Soul Sister, Janine Savient today. She created such a wonderful setting to be able to receive her many gifts. Her channeling was clear and concise and very Heart Centered and she brought through powerful Light Language to assist in shifting an old block. Highly recommend her as she embodies her Soul Essence and is one of the beautiful Beings here to create the Shift in Consciousness we are all part of. Feel very blessed that she has followed her Souls direction and relocated from Christchurch to live in Auckland. Thank you Janine.

Leah MacInnes - Oregon USA

Dear Janine,

Since I first sat with you, a long time ago it seems, I have grown so much from your gentle and insightful guidance.  You and the Team always bring me back to the heart-centered place of growth so that decisions I make, or issues I am concerned with, reflect love and wisdom.  What a gift you bring to those lucky enough to find you!  You are truly a Light Worker.  Thank you!  Leah.

Gerald – Christchurch

From my joyful heart I etch a few words about the celestial Heart Lady Janine.

This is only possible because I have had my heart opened and there is nothing more healing than to have your heart opened.

The Heart Lady's intuitive mentoring played a part in this.

As did her Authenticity, her Respect and Humility as a listener. Her direct line to GOD, her Courage and Trust of life, her Laughter and her Focus.

Or it may have been the fact she pours so much Love into the world that my heart never had a chance to stay closed!

Thank you Precious Shining Heart Lady, Janine. Love and Blessings.

The Heart Lady


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