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Back Home into the Heart of Us

As more pieces of the puzzle that make up the truth of who we are, fall into place, our consciousness comes into alignment with that truth, deeper and deeper.

Right now, there are many new parts of us coming back in, and at the same time, we are releasing many older parts that no longer serve the highest good of who we are now.

Who are these new parts?

They are aspects of us separated on purpose, from our conscious awareness here!

We built a cage of our own thoughts and ideas around ourselves and kept ourselves in separation from these parts that were of a higher vibration. We had no idea that we had done this until recently, but now we are opening up to all that has been orchestrated to keep us small, and we will have no more of that agenda!

These higher vibrating aspects of us are who we know of as ‘The Masters’, ‘The Angelics’, ‘The Elohim’, ‘The Galactic’s’, and the ‘Elementals’ … all those beautiful benevolent beings that many of us have known so well over the years, are all aspects of us ourselves, but from where we were at in ourselves then, we were not ready, nor willing to accept that these incredibly wise and caring, beautiful and loving beings could actually be parts of us ourselves.

How wonderful it is that we have grown enough in our awareness, risen enough in our lightness and vibration, and opened into many more possibilities and potentials, to accept this truth now! And in doing so, we are integrating these aspects back into our wholeness, our Oneness, thus that flow of wisdom, that expanded love, that true connection, and that deep sense of expandedness … plus all that is going on for us within our bodies, our hearts and even our minds (as it quietens down into a subservient role) is us becoming whole again and fully in our truth.

The journey is not complete by any means as yet, for we still must own it all, trust in our own abilities, accept that we are perfect just as we are, and become fully conscious of our minds' cunningness to move us away from our truth with its stories and whisperings, doubts and fears!

Until we become fully integrated and fully trusting, the journey continues. While we still place our power outside ourselves and on others (beautiful benevolent beings who we believe are higher than we ourselves are and know way more than us) we are still in the programme of the simulated world, still caught up in the untruths that are the foundation of this old world, and we are still in separation from ourselves.


My story to share on this topic is right in line with what is happening now for so many.

I was visited by a team of beautiful beings about 15 years ago. These beings floated at the foot of my bed one night while I was away on retreat in the mountains. I asked them who they were, and they said, as they disappeared, that they were ‘The Shining Ones’! I had never heard of them before this visit. Over the next year I learnt from them, I opened on a deeper level of myself, I channelled them in client sessions, I spoke their language (The Language of Light) and sometimes sang it too! I felt them with me always. Sometimes I could feel a small group of 8 – 12, and sometimes for very big ceremonies and activations, I could feel hundreds in the group and had this confirmed many times. They brought greater awareness to me, deep wisdom and realisations, and I felt so blessed and so loved by them.

It became easier and easier for me to connect with them whenever I wanted to and over the years, they became a constant in my life. Then one day, I felt they had stepped back, I couldn’t feel them as easily and the message I eventually received was that I had to start owning their messages as my own. Anything that came out of my mouth was mine to own and I was invited to stop giving the credit to them and separating myself from those messages.

For the next two years, I struggled with this, sometimes I would say that it was I that said something … and sometimes I would say that they said it! Sometimes I would say, they told me, and other times I would say, I knew, or I felt the message.

I fell into my doubt and told myself that people would not as readily believe what I had to say, as much as they did when the message came from ‘The Shining Ones’! Then one day they had disappeared altogether … and just before I was due with a client! There was a few moments of panic … and then I simply opened myself to myself. It was actually a fabulous experience, owning myself, empowering and powerful, and it was a wonderful session for the client also.

From then on, it became easier and easier to take ownership of the wisdom that I connected into and then to realise that The Shining Ones were aspects of me, no wonder it came to me that I was the anchor for their light here in this reality …. Of course I was, as that was my own beautiful light, all of it!

So, two years ago I began to open up to the truth, that there are no other beings ‘out there’, in fact, there is no out there! There is only me and ‘In here’… and right now, for many, the integration of these many aspects, (beautiful beings) are finding home again within the hearts of those of us on the leading edge of the change here in this reality.

We know that there is only One! That we are all part of that One! And, that includes everything in existence. We have been taught to look up, look towards the heavens, see the universe ... when in fact, we must look in, look towards our inner sun, or bright spark of light... our self, and then we WILL see the universe (inside of ourselves).

Who and what we are will not be comprehended by us while we still use our minds to find that out. Our minds are completely incapable of understanding the truth of this. We will have to accept, that we will not know this until we are this fully… and that day is coming, for this is the New World version of who we are!

As we release the old pieces of ourselves that served who we were as the small version of ourselves (as we experienced life through fear and doubt), we make space for all the new aspects to come home, the pieces that have been missing from within the puzzle for a very long time now, and as we release these heavier vibrating parts, we rise in our vibration, we integrate the separated aspects, we grow in our awareness, we realise so much more, we open to more wisdom flowing into us, and we are finding self-acceptance, bordering on Self Love, which is very new to ourselves.

What an incredible journey this is! I understand what ‘Home into the Heart of Ourselves’ really means now!


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