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I stood at the edge of my mind and looked out!

I saw a world of extraordinary beauty, and I cried.

Tears of joy for where I had arrived at … in myself,

Tears of sadness for how long it had taken me to realise…

That all that held me back from this beautiful world,

was the fear of realising it was I that was holding me back

the whole time.

I had wallowed in my fear and constantly fed my ego,

to keep myself small and deserving of no great, miraculous life.

I belittled myself, I fooled myself,

I told myself unkind words, and I believed them all.

I did this to myself, as I lay blame at the world’s feet.

I did this to myself, as I cried out in pain.

I did this to myself, as I focussed through my mind,

While my heart gently encouraged my attention.

What my will stretched out for was my deepest heart’s desire,

And what my beliefs pulled me back from, was the very same thing.


I had felt that I was not worthy to be part of such beauty.

I had felt that I was worthy of a lesser life, a harsher world.

After all, that was the world I knew,

And that world could be unforgiving at times, tricky, sneaky, … nasty,

and so often, played hard to get!

And yet, here I was! I had reached the edge of my mind

and realisation was waiting for me.

It flipped me straight into my heart, where my mind cannot go.

It took me to a high level of myself, where I could see clearly,

the beauty waiting for me!

Beauty, I deserved … and deserved very well.

For that beautiful world was being reflected through my heart … MY heart!

Therefore, that beauty was ME!

We matched ‘beautifully’ … and I recognised the change in me immediately.

From being buried alive, existing deep in my mind,

I was now fully alight and living in my heart!

It had been a long, long journey!

Full of trials and errors, twists, and turns,

And yet, it had brought me here, to the edge of my mind, … to the edge of my heart.

One step out … one step in.

Into the recognition of beauty,

Into the feeling of beauty,

Into beauty itself, within myself.

Into the One … me AS beauty!

And I stepped forward, towards my beautiful new world….

And out of my mind forever,

My heart was welcoming me home!


September 11th, 2022

We are all coming home, beloved family. In our own way, in our own time, in the direction of our choosing… we are all headed home, back into our heart space, as the Beings of Pure Love that we are. Love and Truth are leading us forward, releasing every tie to the falseness of all the beliefs that have held us captive, clearing the space within us for the truth to rise, and opening us back into the brilliant Light that we are.

The Journey has taken us Aeons of time, through numerous lifetimes, and millions of experiences… and here we are … right now … standing in clear view of the finish line. Every millisecond has been worth this Now moment, when we get to let it, all go, release all that has passed and stand present here now, feeling the beauty of truth, and Love’s presence, as we escort each other forward.


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