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Birthing In Our New World

Birthing In Our New World

In 2010 the earthquakes began in Christchurch, New Zealand where I lived at the time, and these continued for the next few years!

Most people saw only the devastation and the upheaval of their lives, and many fell into deep heaviness through this time. Change had come upon them without warning, and many were unable to cope. Fear has a way of gripping people's minds so that they crumble, when, if they realised the awesome power that is found within their hearts, they would rise to the occasion and find incredible aspects of themselves that are their truth!

What I witnessed during this time in 2010 to 2015 was the good that came from this huge time. I saw neighbours helping neighbours that had never met before across their fence line. I saw new groups form to support the people and the community. I watched as people came together initially to help each other through, but then to plan and rebuild. I observed the change that had come to people's lives and how they adapted, and how they found the strength and resilience within themselves, (often that they didn't even know they had), to be with that change, and bring into being a whole new direction for their lives.

This time in Christchurch showed me on a smaller scale, exactly what is happening here in our world now. It may not be earthquakes (yet); however, life is changing rapidly and there is no stopping that change. It is forcing us to create anew, in far different ways to the way we have been living... and there is no getting around this... no one can hide within the safety of their comfort zones when change comes knocking at the door, and not only is it knocking on all our doors now, but it is also breaking our houses apart!

I saw first-hand the benevolence that rose within people's hearts in those times of incredible trauma in Christchurch and how the very best came from the majority of people. This is our truth ... the truth of who we are as Benevolent Beings!

Through the controlled world, we have lived in for lifetimes, through the ideas forced upon us as to who we were. Through rules and regulations, through images and words ... we have been led away from our 'warm heartedness', from our 'giving nature', from our 'community spirit', and from our 'heart of Love' to a great extent.

We have been blindly taken into the field of the mind that is so easily manipulated and tricked into the ideas of others who have never had our highest good as their focus. We came to the belief that we were separate and always divided by culture, colour, interests, ideas, religions, and beliefs... and this separation was always fostered and encouraged so that it became normalised!

This now is the time of the return ... returning to the truth of who we are as Beautiful Benevolent Beings and right now we are given the opportunity to allow this to rise once again within us. You may say it is not an opportunity, but being forced upon us by our world now, and my reply would be, that if it were not for the fact that the world we know as normal was showing up now as not a match for the deep truth within us, and if we were not being 'pushed' by this, into looking at ourselves and being given clear direction on what we do want, as we see what we don't want... in front of our very eyes ... then we would lose ourselves even more so than we have now.

We are returning to the Light of ourselves, we are feeling the Love that we are, rising within us once again, after aeons of time, and we are creating a world of beauty where Beautiful Benevolent Beings thrive!

There is a BIG journey to go on to achieve this, however, and we are halfway through this journey right now. We will feel pushed a lot in the future, to BE one way or the other, for we always have the choice as to whether we stay with the old world or move into the new world, and ultimately, not moving into the new world means ... not moving within ourselves, not allowing change in any great way to tip our lives upside down and agreeing with what we are told by outside authority is right for us, whether it feels right or not.

Isn't it wonderful now to feel that freedom within to choose how we want our lives to be?

We had very little idea that we even held this choice just a few years ago as we had placed our trust in others who we believed were in positions of supporting us, (humanities team), rather than just themselves. Now we understand on that deeper ever-growing level of ourselves, that nobody has authority over anyone else unless permission is given by us. Some will stay within that world, and others will not.

Exciting times, BIG changes, wonderful choices, growing power, opening hearts and Beautiful Benevolent Beings coming home to themselves/ourselves!

LOVE is creating a world built on integrity, transparency, truth, abundance, compassion, giving, joy, passion, creativity, and community/unity!

This is OUR WORLD we are birthing into Being!



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