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Change is Here…

There are so many layers and levels to this NOW moment we find ourselves in! So many avenues and versions of ‘truth’ are being delivered through different channels and communications, so much conjecture, ideas formed from deeply held beliefs, and so much surmising! This is the nature of the human being of course! This is the mind, (the storyteller) whispering into many people’s fears, whilst the heart gently tries to steer us onto a pathway of deep inner connection to our personal truth!

Every facet of the mind’s stories, every imaginative vision or gut feeling, every version of people’s truth, every thought, word and belief … is part of the creative process and is valid in its power, because it has been created into being by us! This is the time that has the greatest potential for us to create our own reality en masse with other like-minded/hearted brothers and sisters, but this is also a time of absolute confusion… change does this, and our world is in great change / huge upheaval right now!

What does your version of the future feel like? What is your choice looking like? In what category is your hopes or dreams of the new world falling into right now, because this is what is happening for all of us in this moment… we are creating the timeline that we will exist on, moving forward… (in this human form, or not .. that too is our choice!).

Many believe there are only 2 choices, the light pathway or the dark pathway… however my friends, there are many choices to be had within the spectrum of ‘All That Is’ ... and we, as Master Creators get to choose how it will be for us, and we are choosing right now on a far more rapid time trajectory than normal!

Why, because the energy here now is vibrating higher, which in turn makes manifesting far quicker! Because the alignment of many different factors has happened, because the space given to us in this ‘Time Out’ is working its magic on us, one way or another... and because our awareness of who we are is deepening!

This is our chance to consciously create the life of our deepest heart’s desires! To knowingly and deliberately work alongside our co creative partner, the universal energy, applying the 12 universal laws, and be guided fully by our deep insight… our heart centred awareness!

This is one BIG reason why we find ourselves over the past few weeks in a lock down situation! What better way to be able to contemplate, concentrate, meditate, be still, be quiet … than by having the time and space to connect into the source of pure divine creative love that is found within us all! (Even those who have no idea who they are other than a human being, have this inner flow… this is the truth of us all, we are all Beautiful Light Beings!)

Every one of us has the same opportunity to allow change to happen within, and every one of us are, right now, creating our own reality! This is not a practice run, we are at zero point NOW!

So, utilise your time wisely! Open to change! Take time out, whilst in ‘time out’! Be with your feelings! Learn to slow your mind down! Go online and learn to consciously breath and to meditate ... this is key to moving into your heart and that creative flow within you. Keep your spirits up, your vibration high, this determines your newly forming reality! Learn kindness towards yourself! Commit to the ongoing journey of yourself as a higher frequency Being and what that means and looks like for you!

Our world will not go back to normal after the isolation period! The change is here now, and nothing will stop it flowing over and through the world! The best thing we can do is learn to adapt to the energy of each day, for we will not know what the next day will bring to us!

We are asked to trust in ourselves and life now! We are invited to not so much see change outside of ourselves as much as see ourselves as change itself! This way, we go within the flow! Fluid and flexible, we adapt easier! Following our inner guidance is the pathway to the Newly Forming World.

And, please remember that those such as I are here for you if you are needing support in this time of the greatest transition, transformation, change!

~ Janine


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