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Message for 2022 – Well done Beautiful Being!

What an incredible year it has been! Did we ever believe, during our life, that we would get to experience all that we are experiencing right now and over this last year?

We witness the falsity of this world daily, and at the same time, we know truth rising within ourselves! We watch as this world breaks down and shatters into tiny pieces, and we know that in its place a far more Natural World is already at the grassroots level of manifesting.

We see those that are still completely unaware of what is going on around them, and we say to ourselves, there go I, but for the grace of the God within myself, and we are here for them when and if they are ever ready for that.

We are learning discernment in a very big way.

We are growing our trust in ourselves.

We are learning that we matter, we matter a great deal in fact, and our self-care is self-evident more often. We consider ourselves; we feel into what is right and what is not for ourselves! We are realising a new way of being here in this reality, and we are feeling our connection to the Natural World happening, because it is growing within our hearts, and our deepening presence is bringing it upward inside us… our hearts are expanding as we birth our world.

We are learning to listen, to be in deep presence with nature and the connection between the heart of Gaia and our own heart. We are feeling more, through our expanding understanding of ourselves as feeling beings, and we are becoming more conscious of how our body communicates with us in all moments. How it responds as our radar, our receiver, and transmitter, and how we may read the vibrations of all life, through our body.

We are noticing our minds softening, quietening down, and not as chaotic as they used to be! We are opening into the understanding that we are moving away from mind-based living and ever so organically we are coming into heart-based living. Love is growing on us … this started with the idea of it, and as we got used to that idea, it morphed from ideas into feelings, and we began to grow into love, and love grew in our deepest awareness. No longer are we switched off from this beautiful, powerful, golden stream of all-knowing, the essence of us is now softly moving into its place as our everything … and soon will lead us into every moment, every second here.

We are aware now, that as we look outward, we are witnessing the old world falling away. We view the old actors still playing their roles, fading with their world and we hold deeply to our centre, where truth and love thrive, and we come to the place of gratitude for all that we have learnt about ourselves over this lifetime, over the past few years and especially over the last year, as we rise within and open to the truth of ourselves, and this inner journey builds into a more rapid pace now.

We still have much to learn about ourselves, we still have some doubt to release, our trust still needs tweaking, our courage is still deepening, and the love that we are, has a way to go before we are living it as our truth, however, what we came here for, what we waited a lifetime for… we are more than halfway through that journey now, and here we are, in this moment, and we can still find the laughter, the lightness and the love for life, within ourselves. The darkness did its best but was no match for the incredible beings we are remembering and realising ourselves to be! Just a little further and we break through … and very soon we will find life easier than it has been for our entire lives.

You can feel this within you now, the change is tangible in you, and you are realising, even though at times doubt is present… that doubt is just remnants of the old world still leaving you. Look at who you are right now, there is a new powerful piece that is making its presence known within you.

Much has left you over the past year, old world aspects, old, outdated patterns of behaviour, old ways of being and living, the stale inner dialogue that was way past its used by date… change has swept these parts away and a beautiful new version … the new world version of you, the Natural World you… is coming online, so delicately, so gently and quietly… such an organic transition! Softly your deepening awareness comes to you, your new realisations become more understood, your inner dialogue is way more honouring of yourself and your judgements of life are subsiding …. Change is a beautiful thing!

You are a beautiful Being in every possible way and there are times now when you feel this quietly to yourself! Your shine gets brighter every day now … this is you; this is us all, connecting through our heart portals to each other, shining from the central sun of our being, in connection with the central sun of this universe and deep into the heart of Gaia … what a team!

Thank you for being here, you are making such a difference!

There is so much love around you and within you, … love has always had your back!

Love has always had your heart!


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