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Our Part In The Puzzle Of Life!…

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Our world needs us to be clear about who we are!

This reality requires us to step forward in our growing clarity and hold the space within our ‘deepening knowing’ to support the rising of Love within as many hearts and minds as possible, because we are the creators of our reality and it is from within our mind and heart that our creative power flows.

If life is a reflection of all that we hold , then let us become fully aware of all that is within us, heal and resolve the parts that do not resonate with the new world forming and grow and embrace the parts that are forming a world so incredibly beautiful, peaceful and loving that it becomes the reality of our deepest hearts desires.

Afterall, this is why we came here… for this very time … to bring our light, flow in our love, open to our deep knowing, remembering the ALL of ourselves ... and supporting, (along with the hundreds of thousands of ‘unseen, but deeply felt’ benevolent beings from our off planetary homes (Star Civilisations) that are here also to support) the change happening here on planet Earth!

We are the ground troops ... the men and women in the trenches! We are the ones that anchor the light of our civilisations here in this reality! On every other level of ourselves we have been pouring our light into this reality in every moment we have existed here, (whether we were aware or not) we are being invited now… no, commanded, to awaken and open to that light and love on this physical human level!

No time left now to keep playing small! No time left to keep your blinkers on, narrowing your focus and holding you in the belief that what I say here is just fantasy! If you feel into your heart you will find the truth!

Go on that inner journey during this given time of quiet and solitude and hear the message you sent to yourself eons ago for this moment right now! It is time to wake up to yourself beloved brothers and sisters! Your rising vibration is needed! Your openness and trust are needed! Your warrior spirit is needed! Your system busting and rebuilding solutions are needed! Your wisdom is needed! Your courage and compassion are needed! Your deep loving awareness is needed!

The leading edge of awareness into the new world is holding your space for you to step into… take your place, join your brothers and sisters and the collective of many Star Civilisations in bringing about the greatest change this world, this reality has ever seen!

~ Janine


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