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The Journey Back!

I read an article this morning that took me into a memory of a forgotten time when I could move between worlds as easily and freely as I move within this world. And all that was described was so familiar to me, that deeply held emotion rose in me, not only for what I had forgotten but because I am now remembering.

It feels so long ago ... when I knew who I was from that place of deepest truth when there were no veils separating me from my full knowing. So long ago that I cannot even put a time on how long it has been, it feels forever since I was able to simply step through the dimensions to play in those realms where so many of my beautiful friends and family are, beautiful ones that I have not consciously seen for a very long time. My knowing that this was a natural part of who I was, is still deep within me, yet there is no memory of ever having done this … physically!

It feels like thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years since I could retain the memory with absolute clarity within this physical perspective, of all the worlds and all the beautiful beings that inhabit those worlds. A long, long time since I didn’t have to leave the physical body by journeying through the process called dying, to go home, and then forgetting all those I love wholeheartedly, as I enter back within this dense reality.

And even now, while writing my feelings into words, I can feel the change within me! It borders on excitement, with feelings of deep longing, has a tinge of sadness thrown in, and is backed up by deep love. The veils are becoming finer, and the realities are merging, for those of us whose frequency is rising … we are becoming finer, lighter, and clearer … and our reality is shifting, ... the worlds are moving to accommodate those inner changes.

As a child, I was visited often by very beautiful beings, all through my childhood and into my teenage years these beings supported my knowing of Love. They came to play with me, to lighten my life within this heavy reality and they came because they loved me and knew that I was born awake to this reality and didn’t feel my fit here in any way, from the tiniest child.

However, it became less often that they came, as I grew into adulthood, this world was closing them out and closing me in, as my mind became deeply infiltrated and influenced by the programming in this reality.

In saying this though, I have always had my connection to beautiful and dearly beloved 'others' that walk with me and support me in this world. I anchor their energy here and share their messages with those that come to see me in consultation or read my messages on my social media platforms and website blogs. I am passionate in my role as a messenger for Love, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than supporting someone on the journey of Self Discovery, Deeper Awareness and connecting into that deep flow of wisdom and truth!

Now, however, I am opening into a new layer of myself, a lighter frequency that will eventually allow me to retain my physical form and step through … and back here whenever I feel too!

This is the way of it for all of us that are awakening now! We are multi-dimensional beings, (multi-dimensional, meaning we naturally span multiple realities) and we have been caught in a heavy web of deepest deceit that has contained us within a very small bandwidth. We could liken it to having many different musical notes within a tune, and we have been held captive only within one note, not even remembering that the tune holds an infinite number of different notes and different frequencies that create the beautiful tune. Soon we will be flowing within all those notes and in full awareness of the entire song … (the music of the whole universe) whilst retaining our physicality and full consciousness.

No more death experience, but eternally living beings! Moving freely through the realms, dancing with the Devas, playing with the Elementals, and sharing our wisdom and love with many incredible civilisations through a multitude of bandwidths! And once again, we will hold our entire memory of who we are, all that we are, and flow in the deep truth of what we are in relation to this entire universe, as we did, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, before we came into separation with Love, and the dual reality of the Light and the Dark.

There is so much movement happening within us now, as the outside world tips upside down and everything appears to be flinging around and out of control! On the inside we are morphing, we are merging, back into oneness with ourselves, and we are cleansing the heaviness from us energetically, changing our forms physically, releasing ourselves emotionally, clearing out the mental clutter and rising vibrationally/spiritually.

The music of the spheres becomes more beautiful as we become lighter in our being… and the moments of beauty, fill our hearts to overflowing, … and our playfulness, our laughter and joy … will once again be heard and felt throughout the aethers as we move back into our Angelic Selves.

For WE are the Angelics that we read about in our books! It is the higher aspects of our own Divine Being that we feel around us when the Angelics are close and supporting us.

Homecoming for us all is a Grand Universal Celebration!



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