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Two Very Different Energetic Experiences

Within every moment we are here, we experience this reality through either one of our two greatest teachers – FEAR or LOVE! (In reality, there is only love, and fear is simply the absence of love, and in the new world as generations come and go, the word fear will be let go completely as the energy fades away and is eventually forgotten).

The very word itself (fear) brings a vibration that is heavy and solemn and as the energy within the new world will become lighter and lighter over generations, and all words will be known and understood for their vibration, those that bring the heavy, denser vibrations will be released from our language, for they will be gone from our experiences too.

In the new world, we will know all our experiences by - ‘Full of Love to Absence of Love’

and the learning within an experience that feels ‘lacking in love’ will be in how to create the same experience for ourselves by bringing ourselves into a place of loving attention, intention, focus and creation.

We will learn to go into gentle reflection with our awareness of all experiences.

There will be no distracting ourselves from ourselves, no disconnecting, no denying how we feel, for we will all know the empowerment found in understanding, deepening awareness, learning about ourselves and our growth through the experience, which will be of the utmost importance personally for us.

In this current reality, fear has played a huge part throughout every lifetime.

The truth is - fear is not naturally a part of who we are! (Yes, as whole beings we are all the dark and all the light... every aspect and part of us makes up the whole of us and must be embraced back into our heart so that we may move forward unhindered by unhealed parts and deep wounding on the energetic and emotional levels).

However, in our truest form, we are Beings of Light, birthed from and within Love! We are Joy Seekers; we are Bliss Creators who thrive in the truth and transparency found within Love! Fear has been installed within us; it is a learnt vibration. Our heavier aspects have been birthed within us through our many experiences within many lifetimes here, where fear has been deeply present and felt on every level of us, and the aspects of us that grew out of these times. (Anxiety, Guilt, Judgement, Resentment, Frustration, Greed, detachment, Grasping, Feeling - Small, unloved, unworthy, belittled, cruelty. Experiencing - Struggle, Poverty, Lack, Narcissism, Deceit, Lies, Anger) … and so many others, ... although these parts of us were not born within the bright spark of the light of the God Force that we are, they are to be acknowledged and accepted and lovingly embraced back into the heart of our being.

Over the next few lifetimes, those that choose to stay experiencing this reality through the experiences of higher vibration will become purely positive beings of divine love again. Through the coming generations, the heavier aspects (we needed for survival in a world that was created by overshadowing the lightness with the darkness) will be absorbed by the growing love within us all.

So, right here and now we can support ourselves to move more rapidly through the transition from a being of duality (Fear-Love) into a being of unity (All Love). We begin by becoming present with ourselves through our thoughts and feelings and acknowledging, accepting, and understanding them all.

How we are triggered, by whom are we triggered… being aware of when we are triggered and how we feel. By not projecting what we are feeling onto the person who triggered us, but by owning how we ourselves are feeling.

(So, no blaming and shaming the other, but instead, bringing our awareness to within ourselves and what is happening within us, from the interaction with the other, experience or event).

When we turn our focus inward and own our feelings, we offer ourselves a chance to resolve those feelings (a response that might have been triggered by that person or from similar experiences for most of our life). Once resolved, we will never be triggered by that person or event again. The anger will not rise, the frustration will not be present, and the resentment will not be felt … we will feel the difference immediately and then it’s highly unlikely that we will see that behaviour from that person again, or if we do it will make us wonder how we ever raised up in retaliation or reaction because there is no effect whatsoever in us now.

Or, perhaps our very reaction to them was a trigger for them as well and now that we have no reaction to their words or behaviour, it is done for them too! As we can see, there are several reasons why when one changes the effect is felt by others as well.

This reality is truly amazing in how it works... it is here for us to fully experience ourselves in all ways. It is mostly karmic energy brought through from other lives that are the unresolved parts that play out, and from which we get the deepest emotion rising in us when others trigger us.

As we become deeply self-aware, we notice how this plays out and how light we feel when a similar scenario is in front of us, and we do not feel that typical emotional response we usually have … there is no rise whatsoever! (I call these times, self-measuring times… when we are consciously aware and acknowledge to ourselves how far we have come and how much we have changed.)

Therefore, so much of our focus now is on thoughts and feelings, and why I am often sharing with you about the power to be had in becoming ‘Consciously Self Aware’ and 'Present' in every moment of your life.

Through all our lifetimes -

Love waits for us to remember ourselves as it!

Love has never left us, it cannot, for it is who we are!

However, for lifetimes in our heaviness, we have completely forgotten it exists within us. We have not had the awareness to call on it, to heal through it, to reconnect with it, to be in it, to flow in it through all or even some of our experiences… and this has caused us to birth the heavier aspects that have protected us at times, have been the only way we could survive at times, and have brought to us such harsh moments and experiences that the deep Soul wounds have taken lifetimes to heal and even now, there are some big wounds still to face and resolve within, for some.

All is good however because growth has still happened on the Soul level. (As I have shared before, on the level of ourselves as Soul, there is no bad and good, no dark and light, no fear and love, or negative or positive… there simply is!)

Everything is an experience ... in every moment there is potential for growth, and whether it is through Fear or Love … the Soul is experiencing itself and its growth.

Now, however, the Creator has made the decision to bring this reality back to the ‘Garden of Eden’ type reality where all experiences will be had through Light and Love (and as the world settles, through the generations to come, this will become finer, lighter, more beautiful… as memories soften and release the energy of heaviness, and all Soul wounds are healed and integrated back into the heart of Love within Creation).

Begin now to take notice of yourself! Not the outside of you, but the inside of you! (Bring your attention inward). When you go walking in nature, don’t let your mind be filled with thoughts so distracting that you forget to feel the beauty around you - within yourself. How do you respond to such beauty? What does this moment feel like to you as you gaze at the scenery, as you breathe in the air up the mountain, and as you stop and feel the sun on your face? What happens within you as you smell those flowers, as you taste the fresh air, allow yourself to be with the perfume of the flowers, open yourself to that sensation of taste ... feel the beauty inside yourself for either or both experiences... and more!

Do not walk with another and engage in conversation, walk with them, but be in your own space... be honouring to yourself and give yourself the experience of beauty …


Bring your awareness to the feeling of gratitude within you whilst engaging with nature... give the earth you stand on your gratitude - for the beauty that surrounds you, bring that beauty into your heart and your connection is made between the heart of you and the heart of Gaia.

Learn to be in stillness as you move! Learn to be in the quiet within your mind! Learn to be aware of all you feel as you connect with life. Learn to be with your feelings always… own them when they rise quickly within you, and notice them in all situations, through all connections.

Slow down and soften your ‘mind energy’… teach yourself not to get overly excited within your mind and your thoughts. Quietly, calmly, softly, steadily … (and the vibration of your mind becomes much higher!)

If you have a time when you feel like you are falling into a heavier vibration, notice this consciously... don’t just let it happen in the belief there is nothing you can do… you have the power to do everything about it. If you cannot find the cause for feeling like you do, it could be that your energy field has been infiltrated by an influence from outside of yourself… this happens often, especially if we get a little worried or emotional.

First, become aware that you are feeling heavier. Gently go back over the past day or two or however long you have been feeling this growing heaviness. Just be in the awareness of it and acknowledge that you see it and feel it, then use your energetic tools to clear your field of all energy within it that is not yours… as well as cords or ties that are attached to it that are not there for your highest good. Release them back to the heart of Love for resolving and transmuting. Breathe beautiful cleansing light through yourself and expand the love of your heart… out through yourself… be conscious of feeling the difference this WILL bring to you.

Then do something that brings the softness of peace to you… brings you to a place of feeling smoother, calmer … stopping the dive down into the heaviness. Put on some gentle music, close your eyes, and allow your heart to lift in its feelings. Be in lighter thoughts deliberately and consciously take yourself into happy memories or feelings.

Or go out in your car to the beach or into nature. Do something to bring a change to how you are feeling, all the while acknowledging your feelings.

If you know clearly why you are feeling heavy then there is a wonderful opportunity to be with that in a completely non-judgemental way, breathing into yourself with conscious awareness of the situation and gently releasing it to your heart of love. If how you are feeling means making a change within your life, be with that change… see it, feel it, acknowledge it... work with it!

You are a powerful being who has full mastery of yourself in all situations. It is time now to remember all that you are, (and this memory will come back to you as you open to yourself and begin again to utilise all your powerful energetic tools and gifts). Believe in yourself beautiful being!

Fear is completing now … Love is growing again in the hearts and minds of those that have chosen to be part of the emerging new world.

As you rise and grow in your vibration, what does not resonate with you will become like something jagged, abrasive and draining to you … this includes what you put into your body as well as what you have in your life!

Change is here on all levels of us all… and it has only our highest and greatest good as its goal!


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